Neutron separator  
for diamond detection

A neutron separator detects diamonds inside kimberlite rocks with a ratio of diamond size to ore size of 1 to 10.

Detects flickering diamonds and diamonds
«in the cover».  

Plant productivity - 1000 kg of ore per hour
Operating principle
The method of tagged neutrons makes it possible to detect diamond in kimberlite rock without its destruction.

The rock is irradiated with fast neutrons of 14 MeV from the reaction d + t −> α + n.  

The gamma line of 4.44 MeV analyzes the distribution of carbon in the rock.

A sign of diamond is the detection of an increased local carbon content.
Obnaruzheny almazy v obraztsakh kimberlita 200-300 mm 50/5000 Diamonds found in samples of kimberlite 200-300 mm. 
(Article «Detection of Diamonds in Kimberlite by the Tagged Neutron Method» в журнале «Nuclear Instruments and Methods»).  

The separator was tested at the beneficiation plant of the Lomonosovsky GOK of PJSC Severalmaz.
Neutron separator

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